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From: James
Subject: Fake Sleeping Part 1This is my first story, and I think I can do a lot more with it, just
thought I would keep the first one basic. PLEASE give me some feedback and
let me know if you wanna read more. :PThanks.
Fake Sleeping: Part One.Like most of the country, our family was being affected by the poor
economy. We have done the exact opposite of how it should go and have gone
from Riches to Rags in no time flat. We used to live in 6-bedroom house
with a bathroom for every room, and now we are stuck in a two-bedroom
apartment with two bathrooms. My parents almost never talk and now my big
brother and I are forced to share a room.I went from having my own room, my own bed, and my own space and privacy to
sharing a room the size of my old closet and a bunk bed with My 16 year old
brother.I guess a little introduction is in order... After all, you are about to get
to know intimate details of my life. My name is Trevor. I am all of 14
years young and have a lot going on. I know I know, what 14 year old
doesn't... but you wouldn't understand. My body has been changing a whole
bunch and I am starting to feel things that I am pretty sure I shouldn't be
feeling. I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I am kind of short at 5'2
and weigh 120 lbs. Also, not that it matters, but I am kind of a nerd. Just
a bit though. Like I play video games a bunch and I read when I can. It's
pretty awesome.My brother, Matt, is 16 years old and is like 5'6 and I would guess about
140 lbs ish. He isn't much bigger than me. He drives and everything
though. He has the same hair and eye color as me. Well I guess I have the
same as him since he is older.Anyways, lets just get to the point of why you are here. I mean, I'm not
trying to give you my life story after all... Just the good stuff.One night after a long stressful day of parents arguing about money I
decided to turn in early and go to sleep. It was about 8pm and Matt was
heading into the shower and I changed into my pajama pants and a tank top
and I rolled myself into the bottom bunk and put my iPod on so I could hear
nothing but the sounds of music rather than my parents. Before I knew it I
was out. I normally sleep on the top, but my brother was in the shower and
I didn't mean to fall asleep was just laying down so I was kind of prepared
to be awoken at some point.I woke up on my own, the alarm clock read 3:45am and I could hear the deep
breaths of my brother fast asleep next to me. I scooted myself to the foot
of the bed so I could climb up to the top and noticed I was wearing nothing
by my tank top and boxers. I thought to myself that I must have kicked them
off in my sleep. I worried that my brother noticed."What are you doing?" I heard his sleepy voice ask."Gonna climb up to my bunk, sorry.""You can just stay down here, its warmer with both of us under the
blankets."I thought for a moment and then slide up back to where he was and slide
under the blankets with him. After all, it did get cold in our room at
night, and our parents refused to run any heat because of money.About an hour passed and I was still unable to fall asleep and that's when
it begun. Matt rolled over and put is arm over my side putting his hand on
my chest and pulling me into him holding me. That's when I realized my
brother was sleeping naked. I could feel the warmth from his dick on my
butt and not only that but he was hard and it was throbbing against my
boxers. Now every bit of my mind was racing on the fact that my brothers
hard penis was pressed up against my ass.I was laying there pretending lolitas nude 14 yo to sleep not trying to wake up because I was
kind of enjoying the warmth of his body against mine, still feeling his
throbbing member pressed against me I decided to push back a little with my
hips. I pushed back and felt exactly what I was hoping for. His fully erect
dick throbbed even more with my daring move."Trev?"Shit! I woke him up!"Trev, you awake bro?"I just kept my eyes closed and kept faking sleep. I couldn't let him know I
was awake and that I meant to push back on his pics of deflowering lolitas
dick like that. I felt him
sit up in bed and kind of lean over me. He put one hand on my back and
began to rub my back softly and I would be lying if I said it didn't feel
good."Hey bud?" His hand went to my lower back rubbing ever so softly. There was
no way I was going to let him know I was awake now, this lolita non nude art back rub felt
amazing. He took a big breath and slipped his fingers into the waistband of
my boxers and began to lower them. I tried to keep my breathing as normal
as possible as I was nervous as to what was going on. He inched my boxers
from my waist and down my legs pulling them off leaving me in nothing but a
tank top. His hand slowly found my ass and he began to rub it slowly as he
laid back down next to me pressing his hard cock against my soft ass. His
hand reaches around like last time when he held me, but this time his hand
rests not on my chest but right above my waist... right above my hard on. My
heart was racing. He lifted his hand from my waist and placed it gently on
my dick. A sigh escaped my mouth and he froze and after a minute he kept
going. Squeezing and stroking my cock and my breathes kept getting deeper
and deeper. His chest still pressed up against my back he began to softly
kiss the back of my neck. He rolled my over on to my back and started
kissing my neck and chest. My eyes rocketed open from the pleasure of his
warm lolita pic thumbnail gallery kisses on my neck. He works his kisses down my tummy and stops right
above my dick... I gaze down at my older brother lowering his mouth over me
penis and I couldn't italian lolita kid models hold it in."Oh my god."He jumped back to lolita non nude art the foot of the bed startled from realizing I was awake."Trev?"I tried to keep pretending."Trevor. You're awake aren't you?""Mmmhm.""Shit. How long have you been awake?""The whole time."He clawed back up over me and lowered his mouth onto my penis again, a soft
moan escaped me and he began to work it. I had never felt anything like
that. After a few minutes my body went ridged and I felt myself shooting
into his mouth. He swallowed everything and climbed up and kissed me on the
mouth and then plopped over onto his back."Goodnight Trevor." He said rolling over to hold me again....
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